See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wisdom in Whispers

I'm not claiming to have any great wisdom.  In fact, I find life quite confusing.  I only know, from my own experience, that there is wisdom available for the asking.  The problem comes in not asking. Whether you ask advice from someone more mature and knowledgeable than yourself, or ask the One of ultimate wisdom, God, you will know more than you did before you asked.  So many people act as if they were more knowledgeable than anyone they meet.  As for me, I can be quite humble in appearance to others, but stubborn and haughty before God.  Intellectually, I know that God's way is better than mine, but giving in to Him is so very difficult.  Trying my own way first, even with repeated mistakes, is the way I operate.  Humility before my Creator comes in whispered reminders from Him, and I am too involved in my noisy activity to hear Him.  He does not give up, however, and He does accomplish His task, in order to accomplish His purpose in me.  That purpose is developing slowly, and I know that I must be quiet before my God, quiet enough to hear His whisper.

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