See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've been continuing to read in Charles Swindoll's book, Livng Above the Level of Mediocrity.  Living an exceptional life seems to me to be an awesome goal, but doesn't seem obtainable to the average person, like me.  Yet, Swindoll makes the point that the main requirement is to make a choice.  It is true that just trying won't make it.  That is why he speaks of the Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.  When a king sets the standards for a life, and offers his full-time help as well, there is a possibility for the average to become above average.  Swindoll talks about the average person wanting to fit in to a crowd, or a family, or a particular group, as if fitting in were something worth attaining, and Swindoll says it is not.  If you fit in, you are not living an exceptional life, but are settling for mediocrity.  I don't know yet how much of this concept is sinking in, for me to make a change in my life, but I can say that it is interesting and intriguing.   Since I have never felt that I particularly fit in to any group, and I've been told often that I am not living up to my potential, I think it is time to take a serious look at this "above mediocrity" concept and see how I can adapt my life to fit in to the  "above average".  If we were evaluating a meal, or an article of clothing, or a painting, and judged it to be mediocre, we probably wouldn't want it.  Thus, why do we settle for a mediocre life?  I'm going to be thinking about that this week.  Join me if you will.

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  1. Had fun meeting you in person this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed our workshop at Kelly's. So nice to make new friends. Your blog profile picture looks nice.