See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Short Confession

My words dried up.  I've felt guilty about not writing new blog posts.  I've been told that guilt is a tool of Satan.  I also know that pride comes from him.  What's the problem? 

I was on a roll with my blog, and it was easy.  It was so easy, in fact, that I started doing it without God.  I have said that I want to share what God allows me to learn.  Instead, I've just been searching randomly, and most days in the past few weeks, I haven't found anything worth sharing. 

It was only by looking back through some of my journal pages that I realized (again) what a difference it makes if I do things on my own, or with God's help. This is a good example of how valuable a journal can be; to read about your own life, your own thoughts, is a good education. 

I've confessed.  Now, I hope, with God's help, I can continue learning what He wants me to learn, and writing what He wants me to write.

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