See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Awe and Wonder

You already know that I live where the sky is very big.  You also might know how I am so amazed at the changes in the sky, the varying colors and cloud formations, and how no day seems to be the same as any before when it comes to what I see above me.  Tonight, I stepped outside about 10 PM, and my mouth opened with an "Ohhhhhhhhh!" and a "Wow!"  The lights across the bay and throughout the surrounding hills were beautiful, but nothing compared to the constellations in the sky, the Milky Way as clear as I have ever seen it.  I'm thankful to have this beauty, and this good weather when others do not.   I'm even more thankful, however, and "thankful" isn't even a big enough word, to the Creator of our universe who thought to make something so beautiful for me to see.  I wonder how He knew what things would impress me the most!  I am in awe of One so great, of One so loving, of One so close, enveloping me in His creation.  "Our God is an Awesome God", and I wish I could share the beauty of my world with you.  Words are not enough, and a picture would not do it justice.  I hope you find the beauty in your world too.

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