See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today's post is a continuation of the previous post where I gave a peek into the thinking of a procrastinor.  Rather than thinking of a plan for the day, I said I preferred "What is your strategy for the day?"

When I think of "strategy", I think of the military.  You would never guess it from observing me, but my son is a Captain in the USMC.  I sometimes dream of having a group of Marines come to clean and organize my house.  I'd like to keep my son with me to keep it in shape.  In my dark moments, I think that there's no way I can ever get my house cleaned and organized without military intervention!

Ah, intervention!  That's an awe-inspiring word for me, and also a frightening one.  I'm not in the category labeled "hoarders" or in need of "intervention" as in the current television programs with those names.  Medically speaking, I am not in need of "assisted living" either.  However, I do (slightly) hoard things simply because I can't decide what to do with them, and I do need intervention and assistance. Do you?

Believe it or not, intervention can come from ourselves. Assistance can even come from ourselves.  Take time to think about that.  Just think.

(to be continued, perhaps)

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