See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Testing and Trials

This has been a very difficult week-end.  Saturday afternoon, my sister JoAnn was in a head-on auto accident.  We who love her are so thankful she survived, especially as a woman in the other car perished.  However, the pain we feel for her as she is only beginning a long, difficult recovery breaks our hearts.  We must either stand aside helplessly, or do something, however minor, to help in some way; perhaps that is mostly to make ourselves feel better.  I have not seen her yet.  Illness comes at such inopportune times, and I have been plagued with a migraine-type headache for most of 6 days.  I'm sure that in some way, it would be better to be there with her, yet in practical terms, if I am at home, at least I am not a burden to anyone else. 

In searching for something to occupy my mind today, I came across a quote (source unknown) that speaks strongly for me, as I am sure it will for so many of you:

 "In the past, life has administered severe tests and I have survived.  I carry the scars to prove it--some are physical, but all are permanent."

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