See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Restoration

My last blog involved personal, physical and spiritual restoration.  The word restoration cannot today be remembered at all without taking into account the thousands of people in our country who have suffered so much damage and personal loss from the numerous tornados and other storms of the past several days. Homes and businesses were completely destroyed, yet people interviewed repeatedly said all that can be replaced, rebuilt, but they were thankful that their family and friends survived.  Others did have to suffer the loss of loved ones, yet many were still able to see the hand of God helping them get through the experience, and some were comforted by the assurance that their loved ones had not only lived a good life, but now had gone to heaven.  I cried with them, via television of course, and shared a bit of their pain and their joy.

Tonight, in a different area and circumstance, a man I watched on television spoke of his difficulty in earning a living after suffering unemployment, and even worse, suffering the loss of his son in Iraq.  He was asked how he got through the pain, and he said his answer was "easy" to come by. His faith, his God, made each day possible.

Also this week, I heard and saw an interview with a Syrian man who was called "Daniel"; he so passionately and touchingly spoke of the horrible atrocities in his country, and asked "Why won't someone come to help us?"

I can't physically go to help any of these people. However, especially when I think of "Daniel" and his question, "Why won't someone come to help us?", I know that it is my responsibility to help someone, in some way.  It is just too easy to get wrapped up in the little complexities of my personal daily life, and act like there's nothing I can do for anyone else.  The truth is different.  What God calls me to do, I know He can give me the ability to do it.  My action must be to obey.

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