See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dead End

Today my husband and I took the afternoon off; we headed north to Cornucopia, the home of the northernmost post office in the state of Wisconsin, and also the home of awesome sand beaches on Lake Superior.  We went off the paved highways part of the time, and sometimes found we were going in circles.  Several times we decided not to go down particular roads because there was a sign posted saying "Dead End".  After some time spent on the beach and some time investigating various areas with the car, we finally went back to the highways that connected to others that would take us home again.

After seeing about a half-dozen "Dead End" signs, I started thinking.  Car trips are good for that!  So often, if you are at all like me, we go on life excursions that really get us nowhere; they are just dead ended.  Other times we spend time going in circles and getting nowhere.  It's good to remember that we have a road map for life in the Bible, and we have the perfect guide in the Holy Spirit.  I'm happy to be able to avoid some of the dead ends in my life.

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