See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time Flash

Husband & I decided this was a "not too busy" week, thus a good week for a garage sale.  I had threatened to try to sell the whole garage, or just all its contents "as is" (Husband is rather a collector), but he decided it was a good time to get it cleaned up.  This has been the busiest "not too busy week" I can remember for a very long time.  Now, the sale is just 6 hours away, and I am sleepless.  If a woman can get that excited about having a garage sale, I wonder what would happen if she went to someone else's sale--or just went shopping in a regular store!  Lightheartedness aside, it just comes as a reminder that our plans are not always God's plans, and left to plan our own time, we can get really messed up.  Asking God to bless my plans seems to happen much more often than asking what His plan for me is on any particular day.  I'm so glad that my Creator has not stopped creating me; I definitely know there's room for improvement.

I had a doctor appointment this week, and I was apologizing to my doc for my lack of "doing" what I am already "knowing to do".  He kindly said that sometimes we just need another reminder, another person telling us what we need to do, or someone saying it in just a different way.  I think that's the way it is in talking to God; He's gentle, yet persistent with His reminders, and seems to always have another new way to teach me what I need to learn.  Sometimes I feel that I am a very slow learner regarding these Heavenly lessons, but The Comforter has come, and He's also a very good teacher/tutor.  Yes, I will learn what I need to know for the next step in life, but maybe not a moment too soon.

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