See the sky and hills!

See the sky and hills!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be Ready

Never do I have nothing to write about; it's always a difficult decision to know what NOT to write.  Some thoughts are worth sharing, some are not.  Permit me to share where my mind was today.

This morning during our church service, we were reading the familiar Psalm 23.  The words "When I walk through the valley of shadow & death" brought me back instantly to the hospital room of Karine, the daughter I still miss so much.  In her last few days, it was a deep valley, full of shadows, yet she knew where she was going.  "Am I still here?" she asked several times. She was ready.  As tears kept escaping my eyes this morning, I had a clear-as-a-bell thought, "I'm ready too; I want to go".  It startled me with its clarity.  The church service changed its emphasis, and my thoughts were drawn to other things. 

Once at home, my mind went back, and then I remembered this: I have many things to do; God's not ready to have me come yet; I had better get busy!  I believe that Heaven has many great experiences for us, joys that will never end.  Yet, God has promised His blessings on what we do here, if we're living in obedience to Him.  My wandering thoughts brought me to Heaven and back; I think I'm ready for a Monday morning and a fresh new week!

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